Friday, 4 November 2011

Fracking - another viewpoint?

So fracking is a problem is it?

We are led to believe that our country is geologically stable, and that we do not get earthquakes. The fact is that our land is criss-crossed by geologic fault lines, caused by movement of one section of the ground relative to another section, and some of these are stable and some are not. Earthquakes are caused when the stress that builds up in unstable fault lines is suddenly released. The bigger the stresses that build up, the bigger the eventual quake.

Fracking releasing several smaller quakes will help relieve fault stress and actually prevent a bigger, potentially more damaging quake.

I would take several smaller quakes than one bigger one any day, and I am sure the people of San Francisco would agree.

Would I have a fracking platform in my back yard? You bet, especially if I was getting royalties from it !

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