Friday, 3 December 2010

Mouthwashes - update

For some years nowI have advocated not using daily mouthwash.

Reason? There is evidence to show that there is an increased incidence of oral cancer in mouthwash users. The alcohol content of mouthwashes can be quite high - over 25% by volume in some cases. As your doctor will tell you, alcohol and nicotine are major risk factors in developement of cancers.

So the general guidance I gave was not to use daily mouthwash containing alcohol.

Further research and analysis seems to reveal that people who develope oral cancer tend to be the heavy smokers and heavy drinkers (which we might expect), who are using mouthwash to mask the smell of tobacco, or to try and cure the cancer. The alcohol in the actual mouthwash appears to have an insignificant causative affect.

Mouthwash, is, therefore, back on the menu. Our regular patients should talk to our hygienist when they visit, for specific further advice on mouthwash selection.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Solar powered toothbrush - whatever next?

The Soladey-3 ionic toothbrush from Japan claims to get rid of plaque with electrons that work with saliva to remove plaque from your teeth.

A solar panel attached to the handle absorbs electrons from light and then transmits them to your teeth through ionised water and a titanium oxide semi-conductor in the handle.

The makers claim you don't need toothpaste as the electrons themselves do the job. However the British Dental Health Foundation has expressed its concern over the new invention and advises people to continue using toothpaste. Dr Nigel Carter, chief exec of the BDHF is calling for more tests to see if the brush actually does what is claimed, and to measure any long-term effects of not using toothpaste.

I checked the date on this report to make sure it wasn't April 1st.... but it wouldnt take off around here in 'sunny' Lancashire - there would only be enough solar power to clean people's teeth about 3 weeks of the year. Now develope a rain powered brush and you would be onto a winner.



Welcome to Wilky's Wanderings !!

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