Friday, 10 October 2014

Have to laugh

Pleased to see that our Government has done a U turn on Ebola screening at airports.

Yesterday I received a letter from the local authority which basically made me, as a humble local dentist, part of the frontline for Ebola screening!

We were to be on the lookout for patients with headaches, fever, sickness and diarrhoea, because these are some of the symptoms of Ebola. Lets face it, in the next 6 months 99% of the population will experience some of those symptoms. The letter does say be aware there could be other possible diagnoses other than Ebola!

Should we be unfortunate enough to come across someone with those symptoms we are then to try and isolate them in a sideroom if possible. This is presumably to give us time to fill out the paperwork that will eventually generate a visit from people in full Ghostbusters get up to save the day. We are going to need a lot of siderooms.

I feel so much safer knowing we are protected by such stringent protocols