Friday, 14 June 2013

Tooth whitening - beware

A recent survey suggested that nearly 30% of folks would not go to the dentist for tooth whitening treatment, and would prefer to purchase home whitening kits over the internet, or visit a beautician or kiosk instead.

The only people in the UK who can legally provide whitening treatments are dentists and suitably trained dental hygienists, as they are the only people with the correct training qualifications and expertise - certainly not beauticians.

Permanent damage can and has been done to teeth by using inappropriate materials and treatments. A Fake Britain program was screened by the BBC 3rd May to highlight the dangers. People are now being prosecuted for what is seen as the illegal practice of dentistry.

The only safe place to have your teeth whitened is at  the dentist.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Teeth are biggest attraction

A study carried out by has revealed that we judge the opposite sex mostly on their teeth. The study was carried out over 3 years and the results produced a top ten list of things that men judge women on, and vice versa. 58% of men judged women on their teeth, and 72% of women judge men on their teeth. Grammar took second place, followed by hair and clothes.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Gangnam Style toothbrushing!

Gangnam Style became an international cult music hit. Now the song has been identified as being best for encouraging children to brush their teeth correctly.
A musical formula has been worked out that developes the best beat pattern required for good cleaning.
It appears that songs which have eight bars of music, followed by another two sets of four bars can encourage brushing. They must also include a double chorus and middle ‘bridging’ section, known as a double eight.